Monday, April 27, 2015

Compassion is...

First and foremost, compassion is towards ones own self...
kindness without pity,
love without motive,
care without pity,
gratitude without attribution,
sharing without expecting,
appreciating without desiring,
looking without discriminating,
experiencing without judging,
flowing without abiding,
knowing what I know is nothing compared to all that there is to know.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Where do you operate from?

It doesn't neither good, nor bad; just notice where you usually operate from.

The fragmented mind has no solutions
The heart intelligence has no problems 
The mind seeks to know
The heart already knows
The mind says why
The heart, why not
The mind reacts
The heart responds
The mind says this n that
The heart, here and now
The mind says me me
The heart, we we
The mind seeks
The heart, shares
The mind pulls
The heart elevates
The mind is active
The heart, action
The mind abides
The heart flows
The mind likes binary
The heart loves the real
The mind judges
The heart accepts
The mind discriminates
The heart unites
The mind tries to win
The heart surrenders,
And in that surrendering, wins.