Friday, July 17, 2015

Try as I may...

Try as I may, I could never drink the ocean
so, nature devised raindrops, to quench the thirst, for me

Try as I may, I couldn't eat the earth to survive
so, nature devised food, to satiate the hunger, for me

Try as I may, I couldn't bathe inside the Sun
so, nature devised water, to carry its warmth, to me

Try as I may, I couldn't possibly experience the wholeness
so, nature gave me a heart to carry the wholeness with me

Stop, look, listen to your own heart, it's the nature that whispers softly.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

What's this HeartMath stuff?

People have asked me what's this HeartMath stuff? Too often it becomes a challenge to explain the stuff separate from the brand. I am happy to realize that I am in trouble whenever I find myself using the terms like Heart Rate Variability and coherence. Even if I find someone who gets this stuff, like a physician, they end up asking: so why do they call it heart math. One doctor wanted to know what was the mathematics of the heart... So, finally, instead of explaining what HeartMath is or is not, I let them experience it. Typically, the experience is very noticeable in the first couple of minutes. So, here I share a recording for a routine that I practiced myself, for you to experience your own heart's mathematics.

Monday, July 6, 2015

#withCompassion: HHDL the 14th, visits California.

This July 4th His Holiness Dalai Llama the 14th is visiting the LA area. The two day event is called Compassion Summit and appears to be sold out. It is also his 80th birthday celebration. I am, and I'm sure this world is, grateful for the Dalai Llama's wisdom and his work. The only thing I could muster up about compassion is that if it were available in a pill, it would be the most prescribed medication in the world. However, I suspect the insurance companies would not cover it as it wouldn't be classified as a medical necessity ;-).