Friday, March 20, 2015

Mathematics of the Heart

Four or five years ago I watched a documentary called "I Am" and therein was a reference to HeartMath. I didn't realize that I will need to learn and use this HeartMath thing years later, as I was going through serious health issue, divorce and job displacement- all at the same time.

I am nearing certification for becoming HeartMath Coach/Mentor so that I can teach others these powerfully simple and scientific techniques. These techniques have been around for centuries but HeartMath has done a wonderful thing by bringing forth the scientific evidence about how these techniques work.

Mystics spoke in poetry, organized religious leaders spoke in their own language, others created rituals and soon the simple instructions became fuzzy. HeartMath has brought back clarity, with evidence, to these techniques for everyone to learn and apply.

When I was learning these techniques, I relied on ebooks and Google. My own experiences and trials taught me how to gain a richer experience beyond the published instructions. Having a teacher/mentor, as it was centuries ago, also helped immensely.

Since then, I've shared these techniques with my kids and friends who have found a profound difference in clarity and space even after the first practice.

So, I am grateful to HeartMath and all the people who work there or are part of their community, for being part of my own journey. A journey from the head to the heart; shortest and yet the most challenging.