Sunday, June 7, 2015

What might you see when....

What might you see when.... you look through the eyes of your heart?
Hummingbirds dancing midair
Bees pollinating with a fervor
Mallard couple floating by in love
Rose simply blooming
Mockingbirds singing aloud
Butterflies fluttering by
River quietly on her journey
Hawks in surrender to thermals
Tall grasses waving in the breeze
Ants busily working
Cats napping in shade
Rooster crowing with all his strength
Children overflowing with love
Squirrels storing food for winter
Heron meditating in the pond, so the fish thinks
Turtles sunning their backs
Fish steady steadfast in flow
Bullfrogs seeking attention
Snails crawling back and forth
Ripe fruits dropping back to earth
Fragrances wafting in the air
Cars creating melody of layered sounds
Ladybugs snacking on aphids
Bluejays frolicking from branch to branch
.... None of these!
What you might see is the one, in stillness, who is enjoying all of these.