Sunday, August 30, 2015

All I needed...

Someone wiser than me once said, there's a football field worth of space for every golf-ball size of matter in the existence. Some of it is right within. That space is the fertile ground for the very growth of that seed. Here's to the hope and promise that everyone of us finds that space...

All I needed was a little space,
    to contemplate,
      to flow, and
        to heal
In my darkest night, I needed you, 
    who called me their own, 
        to hold this space for me
Instead, what I got was a heartbreak,
    how could I have gotten anything else,
       from those who lack themselves
For this, though, I offer my deepest gratitude,
    infinite were its broken pieces strewn across,
        each a little heart in its own,
              arranged in vastness beyond all imagination,
                  each inviting me to dive right in
To dissolve in this space, to surrender, to discover, and to grow.

Friday, August 14, 2015

What do 125 hearts beating in harmonious rhythms sound like?

Recently I had the honor of presenting HeartMath to a group of leaders within a local organization. As I walked into the conference center, the participants were busy eating their lunch and conversing with one another. The room had very high ceilings, nonetheless the din was very pronounced. There was a lot of movement. Meanwhile as I centered myself for the presentation in the green room, I noticed a fear that after lunch people might doze off, yet remained curious to see what unfolds.
The presentation started with a video and an overview of the value proposition for them and I introduced myself sharing a little of my background and the journey. I invited the participants to try the Heart Focused Breathing technique... followed by participants sharing their own experiences. They described it as: connected to self, calm, relaxed but alert, silent, etc.
To reduce their cognitive overload, I shared only a few slides of the science behind the technique. Then we tried a slightly longer Inner Ease technique to end the presentation, while I remained curious to feel the harmonious rhythms of 125 hearts.
As someone wiser than me once said the only difference between noise and music is that the music has energies in harmony. So, what do 125 hearts in harmonious rhythms sound like?  A musical piece like no other I had heard before... perfectly silent, still, awake and aware. It was a surreal yet energizing experience.